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  1. rewatching The L Word … Marina … one season wtf !!!! Seriously, they should have ditched Jenny. Marinas accent makes me melt :)

  2. hi karina , i am shahnawaz ali from dhaka bangladesh. i want to be do friendship with you. i can do create friendship to you. so you become friendship to me.
    shahnawaz ali,dhaka,bangladesh.

  3. dear Karina –
    The opening lines of your website “Welcome to new possibilities?” seemed intriguing and may I add inspiring…

    Well, I have seen your work in some TV Series – Something about you is mystifying and magnetic in many ways… And well, I looked you up and landed on this site.

    By way of introduction, I am a 41 y.o. woman – I live in Singapore (Far East) and work in a Swiss Private Bank but rest assured, I am not into sales so this is not an email to seek your patronage :)

    More if this message gets through to you and if there is an opportunity to connect with the real you (Karina Lombard)

    Best wishes,

  4. Hello Karina,
    I hope you are having a lovely day. I think you are a wonderful actress and wish I could see more of you on tv. I love your voice it is so sexy as well as you are. Do you have a fan club? Not real sure how this twitter goes but have tried it a couple of times but not sure you received it. Are you currently in any movies/films? I am a big fan of yours and would love to have a picture of you if that is possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are truly a great actress.

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